Installation personnel are responsible for performing the tasks of the ductwork, plumbing, rigging, and controls when installing HVAC&R equipment for GRC Mechanical Services.

GRC believes that Installation Technicians will take greater pride in their workmanship and receive greater satisfaction from their work if they are capable of carrying out the installation from beginning through start-up.

Since many installation personnel are only skilled in some of the trades that they are expected to perform with GRC, it is essential that they obtain cross-training in new areas as they pertain to our industry.

Training takes place in three different ways:

  1. On-the-job training takes place through installation performed under the supervision of a skilled craftsman or engineer. 2. Formal classroom training occurs at local trade schools and at manufacturer and supplier facilities throughout the year.
  2. Informal classroom training occurs in-house during the fall and winter.  After working hours we will have dinner together at our main office and watch training videos on new products & procedures, or on existing skill sets for new personnel.

Typical Day
All personnel report to the central office at 8:00a.m.  From there they are given scheduling instructions and job materials for the day.

Communications with supervisors are performed with Nextel Communications.

At the end of the day all personnel report to our main office by 4:30p.m. and brief the installation manager on job details and materials required before departing home.