Project Title:  Tree of Life -20 degrees Refrigerated Warehouse

Cost: $400,000.00

Job Location:  North Bergen, New Jersey

Design Criteria:  Integrate into an existing warehouse a new 4000 square foot freezer connected to an existing 3000 square foot refrigerated box.  Unlike typical applications this box cannot be supported by the roof of the building, and the box installation must take place without interfering with ongoing operations.

Description of Installation: A insulated concrete pad with vapor barrier was poured over a network of  electric heaters so that the concrete floor of the box and building would not freeze and crack.

Steel framing was erected to support the freezer.  The box was then erected over the steel. Sodium lamps were installed for the lighting since they operate at very low temperatures. Drain lines were installed and heated so that the condensate wouldn’t freeze.

3 22 horsepower Condensing Units were placed outside the building and piped to 3  Evaporators.  R-404A was selected as the refrigerant since it is a nonchlorinated ozone friendly gas.