Project Title: Water Cooled Chiller Replacement

Cost: $60,200.00

Job Location: Ridgefield, New Jersey

Design Criteria: Replace an existing chiller system with new equipment that would fit through the restricted access to the basement.  Finding equipment that would fit was our foremost concern.  Energy efficiency was identified as a major priority.

Description of Installation: 2 25-ton water cooled chillers were installed with brazed plated heat exchangers.  These chillers were selected due to their weight , size, and ability to operate at reduced capacities to conserve energy.  The two chillers are controlled by a Control Panel equipped with lead-lag control, 7 day time control, and water temperature adjustments.

The old chiller was dismantled and removed in sections, the new chillers were rigged down the stairs with a chain fall  and set into place.  A new water tower was set on the roof and interconnecting water piping was installed as well as a new pump and pump control.