Your furnace is a lot like your automobile – you have to take care of it in order for it to last. Even then, there may be times when it needs a repair… and of course, the day will come that you’ll need to replace it. Chances are, you have a trusted dealership where you take your vehicle for maintenance every year, and for service when it needs a repair. And, when it’s time to trade it in for a newer model, you rely on that same dealership to help you choose a new car that meets all your needs – and your budget.

You should expect that same level of service from your HVAC contractor. You should be able to trust that they’ll provide you with the furnace services for your Bergen County home that you need to keep your furnace operating smoothly, for the comfort and safety of you and your family. They should offer you maintenance, so that your furnace will receive the checkup and tune-up it needs to keep you and your family warm all winter long. They should offer you prompt, reliable furnace repair so if you suddenly are facing a furnace breakdown, you won’t have to worry about being cold for long. And, when the time comes, they should offer you an energy efficient furnace option that is the right choice for your home and lifestyle.

When you choose GRC Mechanical Services to help you with all of the furnace services you need in your Bergen County home, you’ll receive not only furnace maintenance, repair and installation; you’ll also receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing your contractor is professional, reliable and has the experience you need for the best furnace services available. Established in 1948, we have been helping people with their needs for 68 years. The reason we’ve been in business for so long? Our commitment to excellence – and our commitment to our customers. We’re pleased to provide a full range of heating services, including the following furnace services:

Furnace Maintenance: Let our Breathe Easy maintenance plan help ensure that your furnace needs are met completely. Specially designed to help locate potential problems or unhealthy situations and correct them, this plan will allow you and your family to enjoy healthy, energy efficient comfort from your furnace system for years to come.

Furnace Repair: Should you need furnaces services in your Bergen County home that include repair work, trust GRC Mechanical to offer the best repair available. Our skilled technicians have been highly trained to troubleshoot your furnace and provide repair services that will get your furnace up and running again quickly – so you and your family won’t have to suffer without heat for long.

Furnace Installation: Because GRC Mechanical offers the best brands on the market, you can rely on us, when it comes time to replace your furnace, to provide you with a model that’s energy efficient, effective, and the right price for your budget. Our engineers will make sure it’s sized right for your home, so you can rest assured it will keep you toasty warm, will last for years to come, and won’t drain your heating budget.

When you need furnace services for your Bergen County home, you can count on GRC Mechanical to meet your needs. Simply call us at 1-800-651-8222 and we will be more than happy to assist you.