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Maintaining the Air Conditioning in Your Mahwah, NJ Home

When Mother Nature turns up the heat in the summer, homeowners appreciate air conditioning in their Mahwah, NJ homes. Your air conditioner keeps you comfortable and makes your home a welcome haven. Most people nowadays do have an air conditioning system of some sort in their homes. And, in those households, about 6 percent of their annual energy use goes toward air conditioning. But did you know that improper maintenance can make your energy usage much higher?

The Department of Energy (DOE) says keeping your AC maintained is crucial. They state, “An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.”

So, what’s one of the best ways you can make sure your air conditioning system is at peak performance? By making sure the filters are clean. And, if the filter is dirty, changing it is important. A dirty filter places unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioner because it has to work harder to circulate air. Not sure how or when to change your filter? That’s where GRC Mechanical comes in.
GRC Mechanical helps Mahwah, NJ homeowners with all their AC needs.
At GRC, we know how important keeping your air conditioning system up to snuff is. As a result, we offer our customers the Breathe Easy maintenance plan. This plan was made to first, find any problems with the air conditioning in your Mahwah, NJ home. What’s more, it provides solutions. With the Breathe Easy plan, you and your family can enjoy healthy, energy-efficient comfort.

Benefits of the Breathe Easy maintenance plan include:

Dedicated team assigned to your needs
Four-hour priority service
15 percent savings […]

5 Signs You Need AC Repair for Your Mahwah, NJ Home

When summer rolls around, so does your need for air conditioning. Nothing is more refreshing than coming home to a cool house when the outdoor temperatures are soaring. When your home is air conditioned, you feel more comfortable, sleep well and some people even breathe better. So if the AC in your Mahwah, NJ home isn’t working properly, the chances are you and your family are suffering for it.

Of course, if your system completely stops working, you’ll know it right away. But, there are other signs that can indicate your system needs repair work soon. They can be much more subtle than a complete breakdown. The Houselogic website shares some signs you should look for if you suspect your AC isn’t working properly. You’ll be surprised to learn many require a simple, low-cost fix to get your system up and running great again. At GRC Mechanical, we can help you get the repairs you need for your AC system.
Here are five signs you may need AC repair for your Mahwah, NJ home:

You’re not as cool as you’d like to be. Often, if your AC system seems to be underperforming compared to the year before, it has to do with airflow throughout your system. You’ll be happy to learn that the fix for this issue is relatively easy and inexpensive. Usually, the filter simply needs replacement – something that should be done every 30-60 days during months of operation. You’ll also want to check your cold air returns and registers to make sure there isn’t anything blocking airflow.
You’ve noticed that your AC system is louder or making strange noises. If there are some odd noises coming from the AC system in your Mahwah, […]

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