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Spring is here in New Jersey, and that means it’s time to start thinking about your home’s cooling system. Even though it might be a little early to run your air conditioner, there’s actually no better time than the present to make sure it’s operating properly. The best way to do that is by calling a qualified local HVAC contractor, like GRC Mechanical Services to give your system an inspection and tune-up.

GRC Mechanical Services offers cost-effective Preventive AC Maintenance.

Annual air conditioner maintenance is critical to keeping your home cooling system running in top shape. Here are 4 main benefits you can look forward to when you schedule air conditioning maintenance with a top-rated GRC HVAC technician:

  1. Longer HVAC Equipment Life Expectancy

    By choosing preventive maintenance for your AC system, you could actually be helping it last longer. That’s because your annual maintenance call will include a thorough cleaning and check-up of your system. Any small issues will be found and can subsequently be addressed. Plus, a clean system doesn’t have to work as hard as one clogged with dirt, debris and build-up.

  2. Better Air Conditioner Efficiency

    One of the biggest culprits when it comes to reduced equipment efficiency is also one of the simplest to remedy – a dirty filter. Annual maintenance ensures your filter will be cleaned or replaced at the beginning of cooling system. And, it’s easy to replace your filter yourself (some experts recommend you change your equipment filter once a month during periods of heavy use.) Our friendly technicians will show you how!

  3. Improved Indoor Air Quality

    It almost goes without saying that a clean system means better air quality in your home. When your air conditioning equipment is free of dust, dirt and debris, and the filter is fresh and clean, the air circulating throughout your home will be fresh and clean, too.

  4. Preservation of HVAC Warranty

    If you look at the warranty stipulations on your home comfort equipment, you’ll likely find that it requires annual maintenance for the warranty to remain intact. Many equipment manufacturers require this, and you shouldn’t overlook it. That’s because without maintenance, there could be small problems that become larger and more expensive ones later on. Without a valid warranty, those repair or replacement costs will come directly out of your pocket.

GRC Mechanical offers HVAC Tune Up Services in Bergen County, NJ and surrounding areas.

There are many advantages to working with a professional HVAC contractor for your home’s seasonal maintenance needs. GRC Mechanical employs highly skilled technicians who strive to provide you with the best service possible. We’ve been in business since 1948, and our company is family owned and operated. As a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer and President’s Award winner, we take our commitment to you very seriously.

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