AAON HVAC equipmentAAON HVAC Equipment is custom built to order.

Proper operation of AAON Equipment requires

  1. Appropriate engineered and specified equipment
  2. Proper startup and control programming.

GRC Mechanical Services has demonstrated success in all aspects of AAON Equipment utilization including:

SERVICE: GRC will evaluate the specifications to which the unit was built and ensure that the controls are set to facilitate proper operation.

AAON HVAC equipmentCOMMISSIONING: GRC will check proper operation of all AAON components and program the controls to facilitate proper operation.

INSTALLATION: GRC can facilitate all functions of your AAON Installation including:

  1. Coordinate between the specifying engineer and the AAON factory that the proper unit is being delivered.
  2. Facilitate the physical installation
  3. Perform equipment commissioning