When summer rolls around, so does your need for air conditioning. Nothing is more refreshing than coming home to a cool house when the outdoor temperatures are soaring. When your home is air conditioned, you feel more comfortable, sleep well and some people even breathe better. So if the AC in your Mahwah, NJ home isn’t working properly, the chances are you and your family are suffering for it.

Of course, if your system completely stops working, you’ll know it right away. But, there are other signs that can indicate your system needs repair work soon. They can be much more subtle than a complete breakdown. The Houselogic website shares some signs you should look for if you suspect your AC isn’t working properly. You’ll be surprised to learn many require a simple, low-cost fix to get your system up and running great again. At GRC Mechanical, we can help you get the repairs you need for your AC system.

Here are five signs you may need AC repair for your Mahwah, NJ home:

  • You’re not as cool as you’d like to be. Often, if your AC system seems to be underperforming compared to the year before, it has to do with airflow throughout your system. You’ll be happy to learn that the fix for this issue is relatively easy and inexpensive. Usually, the filter simply needs replacement – something that should be done every 30-60 days during months of operation. You’ll also want to check your cold air returns and registers to make sure there isn’t anything blocking airflow.
  • You’ve noticed that your AC system is louder or making strange noises. If there are some odd noises coming from the AC system in your Mahwah, NJ home, you’ll want to call in a professional from GRC Mechanical to check out your system. Good news? Noisy systems can be caused by something as simple as a loose screw. Unfortunately, noises might also mean you need a new motor or fan blade, which can be more costly.
  • Your utility bills are higher than normal. Are your utility bills are running higher than years prior, yet electricity costs haven’t increased at the same rate? Then it’s likely your AC system isn’t running efficiently. The solution to this problem can be as simple as changing out a dirty filter or as complex as a dirty condensing coil. The best way you can remedy this situation is by getting annual AC maintenance from a professional.
  • You can feel cold and warm spots throughout your home. Once again, this is probably related to airflow. It might also have to do with your thermostat placement. If your thermostat gets a lot of direct sunlight, is near a register or located in your kitchen near the stove, then you may want to consider relocation. A trained technician can help you, and there are many thermostats available now that are easily programmed. Some can even be controlled remotely from your computer or Smartphone.
  • You notice water pooling near your unit. If there is water pooling near the AC system in your Mahwah, NJ home, then you may have a blocked, damaged or disconnected condensate line. Your GRC Mechanical factory-certified technician can inspect the tube and replace it if necessary. It’s important to the efficiency of your system to have the drain line in good working order.

Of course, if you choose the Breathe Easy Maintenance Plan from GRC Mechanical, any small repair issues will likely be detected during your annual maintenance. And those with a maintenance plan receive priority service and discounts on repairs should the need arise. When you need air conditioning for your Mahwah, NJ home, you can count on GRC Mechanical to meet your needs. Simply call us at 1-800-651-8222.